Xenozoic TP

Product Number: 9781640410374


Writer: Mark Schultz

Artist: Mark Schultz

Publisher: Flesk

Welcome to the Xenozoic Age, a post-apocalyptic landscape where dinosaurs roam freely...and humanity is the endangered species! Forced into hiding by a global ecological cataclysm, humans emerge from their underground warrens half a millennium later to discover that the Earth has been totally transformed. All of the familiar flora and fauna are gone, replaced by a radically altered natural order populated by rampaging dinosaurs and strange new creatures. It takes guts, grim determination, ingenuity and a whole lot of old-fashioned luck just to survive, much less thrive, in this alien wilderness! This 352-page Xenozoic book is a collection of all the classic Xenozoic Tales comic stories and features a new cover.

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