Sweetie Candy Vigilante TP

Product Number: 9781524123680


Writer: Suzanne Cafiero

Artist: Jeff Zornow

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Created and written by SUZANNE CAFIERO, illustrated by JEFF ZORNOW, and produced by longtime Misfits and Ramones collaborator JOHN CAFIERO, Sweetie Candy Vigilante is a honey-dipped horror/fantasy that tells the tale of Sweetie, an ethereal, well-meaning (yet unquestionably unhinged) blood relative of the mythological candy man. You know, the dude that takes the sunrise and sprinkles it with dew? Yeah that guy. Dismayed by the decay of her community, Sweetie decides to enact a blood-caked, sugar-coated manifesto on society by using her proprietary family secrets to make the world a sweeter place starting with her hometown, New York City! Isnt that nice? So buckle up, gumdrop, and make sure you save room for dessert, because this book has it all blood, guts, and a sugar rush! Collects issues #1-6, including a gallery of original series covers by Zornow, Josh Howard, Nei Ruffino, Ned Ivory, Chrissie Zullo, Joe Simko, Godmachine and more, as well as a free MP3 of Osaka Popstars dynamic punk rendering of the Archies classic Sugar, Sugar!

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