Drive In Asylum Special #4

Product Number: DIAS04


Publisher: Groovy Doom

Yes we love shark movies, and this issue is all about the golden age of post-"Jaws" chompers, when filmmakers descended on the "man vs. shark" theme like wedding guests descending on the open bar. Vintage ads and clippings galore, we channel the excitement over shark films that grabbed ahold of film fans and never let go.

You'll find inside commentary on all four of the "Jaws" films, plus the totally unofficial and totally insane "Cruel Jaws", marketed as "Jaws 5" in some areas! Sam Panico, Bradley Steele Harding, and Robert Freese discuss films in this franchise, and Lana Revok is all about the original novel.

Immediately after the massive success of "Jaws", one of the only US films produced in the US that dared to have killer sharks as its focus was William Grefe's 1975 "The Jaws of Death", and Bill Van Ryn reviews this creepy low budget sickie.

"Jaws" ripoffs produced outside of the US are also covered - Donald Guarisco gets into "Great White" and "Cyclone", Sam wrestles "Deep Blood" and "Monster Shark", and Bill digs into kinky Mexican softcore shark epic "Tintorera".

We found a lot of cool vintage theater ads for this issue too, some rare ads promoting the original novel, and lots of other great shark bites.

We've also got a special Guest List feature this issue from Drive-In Super Monster-Rama organizers George Reis and Gene Caruso, who share with us their favorite entries from this long-running and popular Pittsburgh-area event, which attracts attendees from all over the country.

60 black and white pages, some pages on colored paper. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

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