Drive In Asylum Special #2

Product Number: DIAS02


Publisher: Groovy Doom

Our second DRIVE-IN ASYLUM special is all about 1977 cult monstrosity "The Incredible Melting Man"! Part comedy, part space opera, part nihilistic horror, this flick was a strange concoction. Critically panned but commercially successful, it got a wide theatrical release via American International Pictures. This issue celebrates the 40th anniversary of this weird and wonderful movie with an interview with "Melting Man" writer/director William Sachs, who discusses the film's troubled production background and the original concept that he intended to bring to the screen. This interview, written by Bradley Steele Harding, is another DRIVE-IN ASYLUM exclusive!

A few of the usual suspects are also back for this issue: Victor C. Leroi looks closely at the film's soundtrack and the way the music is used to further the action on the screen. Sam Panico assembles a rundown of the film's many mass-marketed promotional items, including a special makeup kit that was supposed to enable any child to recreate the gruesome makeup effects from this R-rated movie.

There are lots of ads and clippings to look at too--there's something perversely satisfying about seeing a hideous melting face advertised right next to movies like "The Goodbye Girl" and "Saturday Night Fever".

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