Drive In Asylum #24

Product Number: DIA24


Publisher: Groovy Doom

Issue #24 is one of our best ever, we've got many great features for you in these pages. First, we have the final interview that George Barry ever gave before his recent passing. Sam Panico talked to George about his phantasmagorical 1977 film "Death Bed: The Bed That Eats", as well as the basics of being a monster kid and the appreciation of fantastic films.

1972's "Scream Bloody Murder" was an early effort from Floridian filmmaker Robert J. Emery - currently only available via a 1988 VHS release, this disturbing melodrama sticks in the memories of those who saw it due to its bizarre subject matter. Bill Van Ryn speaks to both Emery and his leading lady in the film, Marlena Lustik, for insight about the creation of this unjustly obscure psychological thriller, which was also known as "My Brother Has Bad Dreams".

Steve Wilson talked to director Jeff Lieberman at a convention and asked him about his 1977 freaked-out thriller "Blue Sunshine" - Steve recounts their conversation here, along with his own thoughts regarding this drug-themed shocker.

We've also got commentary about monster rally films, the giallo films of Carroll Baker, remembrances about being a projectionist at a small drive-in theater in the 70s, and reviews of Night of the Demon and Revenge of the Cheerleaders. And yes - as usual, this issue is jam packed with the vintage newsprint ads you love!

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