Drive In Asylum #23

Product Number: DIA23


Publisher: Groovy Doom

DIA #23 is here, and we've got another stellar issue for you to dig into! First off, we've got two fantastic interviews; the first is with Pat Cardi, who starred in the 1973 independent regional production "Horror High", which many of us saw on TV in the 70s & 80s as "Twisted Brain". Pat talks to us about his career in acting, working with genre luminary William Castle, his experiences as a child actor, and of course making the low budget thriller "Horror High" with director Larry Stouffer, co-stars Austin Stoker and Rosie Holotik, and a few Dallas Cowboys, too.

We've also got an interview with Kristine DeBell in this issue, too - yes, A.L. from "Meatballs" herself! In addition to that 1979 film, Kristine has worked with such names as Nick Castle ("TAG: The Assassination Game"), Jackie Chain ("The Big Brawl"), Paul Mazursky ("Willie & Phil") and many others. She talks to us about her experiences in genre cinema, as well as her return to acting after a 22 year hiatus.

Plenty of other great features in this issue too, including personal recollections of attending exploitation screenings in grindhouses, an overview of the Nightmare Theater syndicated TV package, a Dr. Phibes retrospective, and lots of reviews, too!

60 black and white pages, some pages printed on colored paper, 5.5 x 8.5 inches in size.

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