Drive In Asylum #21

Product Number: DIA21


Publisher: Groovy Doom

Drive-In Asylum #21 is one of our biggest issues, and definitely one of our best! We've got some fantastic features in this one, including an exclusive interview with Toni Lawrence, star of 1973 independent psychological horror film "Pigs"! Toni shares her experiences making this moody, atmospheric exploitation classic, which enjoyed an unusual life in its multiple theatrical releases as well as home video incarnations.

Michael Berryman is also on board with this issue, and he shares some valuable insight into his challenges as an actor in the Hollywood of the mid 1970s, as well as come colorful anecdotes about various actors and directors with whom he has worked.

We also have an appearance by the legendary David Hess, who passed away in 2011. David appeared on a podcast with Ryan Clark, and our interview is derived from the transcript of that conversation, and David shares some great memories about making movies like "Last House on the Left", "Hitch-Hike", and "House On The Edge of the Park".

There are plenty of film reviews too, we've got commentary on "Evilspeak", "Sting of Death", "Teenage Mother", "3 on a Meathook", "Massage Parlor Murders", "Bloody Moon", "Psycho III", "Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part II", and "Sole Survivor".

DIA #21 is 60 black and white pages (with some pages on colored paper), 5.5 x 8.5 inches in size.

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