Victory #3

Product Number: 72513032954703011


Writer: David Walker

Artist: Brett Weldele

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Meet Victory, erstwhile love of Vampirella, inexplicable object of interest to Lilith and the not-so-proud owner of the Belial ring. Why does that last part matter? Why, because the ring used to belong to a demon, and it draws her to evil. And its mystically bonded itself to Victory. Lucky her. On the bright side, it also gives her nifty powers like flight, mystic bolts, and she can even make that energy take specific shapes like shes the lost third Wonder Twin! Up until now, Victory has been left wondering why so many demons are trying to kill her to get a ring she'd rather not have, and that is about to lead her to a head-on confrontation with an evil the likes of which she has never known -- -- Meet Belilah, the demonic daughter of Belial. We think the covers speak for themselves!
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

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