Sweetie Candy Vigilante #4 Cvr G

Product Number: 72513032399604071


Writer: Suzanne Cafiero

Artist: Jeff Zornow

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

This issue is a real Jawbreaker... Just sayin' pa-POP!

It's all going down the hatch in Sweetie Candy Vigilante #4: Lost Cherry

It's Pixie's first day in the weapons room at the Candy Vigilante factory; time to get schooled in the fine art of sugar-fueled firepower! Sweetie unveils the JAWBREAKER, her signature weapon developed for "overly chatty" bad eggs, and things get explosive for Mr. Uh Oh! and Mr. Oh No!-a couple of dummies with rotten DNA who aren't having a very GOOD day. A mysterious, magical, confectionary potion called "Lost Cherry" is introduced, and Candy Wolf drops sweet knowledge on Pixie about Super Naturals and Immortal beings.

Meanwhile, if you think bringing a gun to an axe fight is a GOOD idea, think again. Sweetie's immortal allies, witch-hunting duo assassins, Hansel and Gretel, come prepared. Will it be a BAD decision for Skurvy, the "former" proprietor of the Ice Cream Bunny? Will the low-life crime syndicate solider remain sweet-tempered, or lose his head, and his bar, in the process? Just sayin' pa POP! Get ready to raise a glass and kick some ass, it's all going down the hatch in Sweetie Candy Vigilante #4: Lost Cherry.

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