Sweetie Candy Vigilante #4 Cvr B

Product Number: 72513032399604021


Writer: Suzanne Cafiero

Artist: Jeff Zornow

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

This issue is a real Jawbreaker... Just sayin' pa-POP! It's all going down the hatch in Sweetie Candy Vigilante #4: Lost Cherry It's Pixie's first day in the weapons room at the Candy Vigilante factory; time to get schooled in the fine art of sugar-fueled firepower! Sweetie unveils the JAWBREAKER, her signature weapon developed for 'overly chatty' bad eggs, and things get explosive for Mr. Uh Oh! and Mr. Oh No!a couple of dummies with rotten DNA who aren't having a very GOOD day. A mysterious, magical, confectionary potion called 'Lost Cherry' is introduced, and Candy Wolf drops sweet knowledge on Pixie about Super Naturals and Immortal beings. Meanwhile, if you think bringing a gun to an axe fight is a GOOD idea, think again. Sweetie's immortal allies, witch-hunting duo assassins, Hansel and Gretel, come prepared. Will it be a BAD decision for Skurvy, the 'former' proprietor of the Ice Cream Bunny? Will the low-life crime syndicate solider remain sweet-tempered, or lose his head, and his bar, in the process? Just sayin' pa POP! Get ready to raise a glass and kick some ass, it's all going down the hatch in Sweetie Candy Vigilante #4: Lost Cherry.
Cover Artist: GodMachine

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