Superboy A Celebration Of 75 Years HC

Product Number: 9781779503152


Writer: Various

Artist: Various

Publisher: DC Comics

When Superman was introduced to comics readers, he established a new superhero archetype: strong, courageous, optimistic, yet humble. Fans couldn't get enough of him and they wanted to learn more about the formative years of Clark Kent. Thus, Superboy was born.

Superboy had many adventures growing up in Smallville, Kansas, and he also became a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but eventually the Boy of Steel had to grow up into the Man of Steel. However, that wasn't the end. Through the decades, talents such as Jim Shooter, Gerry Conway, Geoff Johns, and Brian Michael Bendis have picked up the torch from original creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and have found inventive ways to introduce new Superboys with their own distinct powers and personalities.

Superboy: A Celebration of 75 Years honors the Boy of Steel's legacy by collecting over 400 pages of tales from Kal-El's early years in the Midwest, his futuristic escapades with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and the further adventures of characters who have gone on to bear the title of Superboy such as the brash clone Conner Kent; the tragic Superboy-Prime; and the funloving son of Lois Lane and Clark, Jonathan Kent.

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