Snot Goblins GN

Product Number: 9781250780805


Writer: Rob Kutner

Artist: David DeGrand

Publisher: 01 First Second

This middle grade graphic novel anthology tells funny and scary stories with a generous helping of gross-out humor. Mucus monsters! Rock-and-rollin' trolls! All-powerful rotting cat-mummies! What would you do if your boogers tried to take over the world? What if teen-girl ghosts unleashed an army of pooping cockroaches on you? You've got a front-row seat to see kids (and trolls, and vampires) just like you taking on the grossest challenges in the world! So hold your nose, grab your stomach, and get ready for the World's Most Repulsive Storyteller(TM) to send five tales of disgustingly hilarious horror right into your eye-holes. You won't know whether to split your sides laughing, hurl chunks, or both!

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