Rema Chronicles HC Vol 01 Realm of the Blue Mist

Product Number: 9781338115154


Writer: Amy Kim Kibuishi

Artist: Amy Kim Kibuishi

Publisher: Graphix

A girl seeking answers is drawn onto another world entirely. Fifteen-year-old Tabetha "Tabby" Simon is drawn to Yggdrasil, the anomalous tree with bizarre, immortality-granting properties that her scientist father was researching before his mysterious death years ago. Hoping to see the ghost that her father spoke with before dying, she instead spies a gorgeous, strangely dressed boy with blue hair and eyes who appears Asian. Following a mysterious light, she sees the boy go through a portal--and then is pulled through it herself by the ghost. Tabby finds herself on Rema, a faraway planet; the boy, Philip, takes responsibility for her predicament, telling her that he will get her home, but in the meantime, her presence must be kept secret. Tabby learns that she's not Philip's only secret as she gets a taste of the other planet and its complex mythologies. A lot of highly concentrated background is delivered via a book she finds, while things she sees and experiences imply even more complications--and dangers--beneath the surface. The full-color, Japanese manga-flavored art style is fluid and natural, highlighting expressiveness, action, and alien-world details with ease. The story ends with a crucial shift that will leave readers eager to continue. Rema's denizens are illustrated with varying skin tones. Tabby and her father have black hair and light skin; Tabby's mother is pale skinned with light brown hair. A fast-paced journey through an engrossing new world

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