Marvel Comics

Marvel Zombies TP Vol 03 New Ptg

Product Number: 9781302922641


Writer: Fred Van Lente

Artist: Kev Walker

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The flesh-eating inhabitants of a parallel world have come to our Earth, aiming to spread their virus in a full-scale biological invasion. Interdimensional defense agency A.R.M.O.R. recruits Machine Man to travel to the zombie-infested world with the Mighty Avenger known as Jocasta. The squabbling duo only have eight hours to obtain the blood needed to create an anti-zombie serum and defeat the undead epidemic. But if they dont make it back in time, the Earth as we know it is doomed especially as a zombie lurks within A.R.M.O.R.s own secret headquarters! Writer Fred Van Lente (INCREDIBLE HERCULES) and artist Kevin Kev Walker (ANNIHILATION: NOVA), revitalize the Marvel Zombies saga with a thrilling combination of gratuitous horror and superhero comics, all served up with a generous portion of dark humor and heroic drama. Collecting MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 #1-4. Parental Advisory

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