Maestro War and Pax TP

Product Number: 9781302928742


Writer: Peter David

Artist: Javier Pina

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Call him the Maestro! In a broken future, the man once known as the Hulk is now neither man nor Hulk. After deposing Dystopias ancient ruler, the Maestro sets his sights even higher. Its time everyone left on the ravaged planet Earth recognized their one true god! But the Maestro isnt the only would-be immortal left and if he wants to truly dominate the globe, hell have to face the most powerful beings left in creation. The Pantheon sees all including a Hulk too powerful to leave alive! And just when his former allies have him on the ropes, the Maestros true enemy shows his face at last and nobodys going to like the future he has planned! Peter David continues the tale he began decades ago in the legendary HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT! Collecting MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX #1-5. 120 PGS./Rated T+

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