Drive In Asylum #9

Product Number: DIA09


Publisher: Groovy Doom

Our biggest and best issue yet, ISSUE #9 features an exclusive profile of the 1973 cult favorite MESSIAH OF EVIL, featuring interviews with two of the film's stars, Marianna Hill and Anitra Ford! Each of these genre luminaries offers her unique insight into the creation of MESSIAH OF EVIL, recalling the work they did with directors Willard Hyuck and Gloria Katz. We're so lucky to have the participation of Anitra and Marianna, and we're proud to bring this feature to you fantastic film fans!

And of course you'll find plenty of reviews and discussion about horror and exploitation films. Our contributors take on three Bert I. Gordon films this month: Dustin Fallon offers a review of 1958's black & white screamer "The Spider" (aka "Earth Vs. The Spider"), while Mike Haushalter from fellow 'zine SECRET SCROLL DIGEST touches on 70s staples FOOD OF THE GODS and EMPIRE OF THE ANTS. Lana Revok from Facebook page "Starts Today!" presents a curated collection of Halloween ads.

Sam Panico looks at 1991 flick POPCORN, while Phil Carbo finds a Halloween fave in 1981 slasher HELL NIGHT starring Linda Blair. Dan West returns to talk about BERSERK! starring a very cougarish Joan Crawford. Victor Leroi's Video Nasty essays continue with 1979 movie HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, starring Linda Haynes from COFFY and ROLLING THUNDER. Terry Thome highlights 1974 rock horror musical SON OF DRACULA starring Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr.

And of course we've got tons of newsprint ads to show you, highlighting the bygone era of artwork specifically designed to sell the latest horror and exploitation flicks in the local paper.

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