Drive In Asylum #26

Product Number: DIA26


Publisher: Groovy Doom

Drive-In Asylum #26 contains a great assortment of reviews and features, including another DIA milestone. I was finally able to track down Zooey Hall - now going by his real name, David Hall - and I talked to him about his acting career, which included such gems as cutting edge prison drama FORTUNE AND MEN'S EYES and POOR ALBERT & LITTLE ANNIE. If you don't recognize that second title, that's OK, it's probably because you saw it under its more sensational reissue title I DISMEMBER MAMA. I do love a good sleazy retitle, but in this case it tends to eclipse the actual nature of the film, a slow burn creeper with a distinctly 70s feel, and with great performances by David, Geri Reischl, and Marlene Tracy.
But there's a lot more! We've also got great interviews with director Gary Sherman (DEAD & BURIED, DEATHLINE, VICE SQUAD) and author Paul Talbot ("Bronson's Loose: The Making of the Death Wish Films"). A.C. Nicholas discusses the legacy of cult TV variety show "Night Flight", J.H. Rood answers the question that so many genre fans are condescendingly asked, "Why do you like bad movies?", and our crew of film fanatics review TAMMY AND THE T-REX, THE MASK, THE SINGLE GIRLS, and THE SLAYER.
There are also the usual pages and pages of vintage newsprint ads - oh, and for those of you who were asking for it, DIAZODIAC is back, with more strange vibrations from astrologer Magus Calavera.

72 page fanzine, 8.5" x 5.5" black and white with some pages printed on colored paper.

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