Drive In Asylum #12

Product Number: DIA12


Publisher: Groovy Doom

DIA #12 is just slithering with fantastic content, a lot of which leans heavily toward ravenous monsters that eat you alive. No, I'm not talking about your wireless phone company or your cable provider, I'm talking about THE DEADLY SPAWN, that 1983 indie horror flick about alien spores that fall to Earth and immediately start eating people. And the more they eat, the bigger they grow! Director Douglas McKeown talks to us about his role in creating this low budget masterpiece.

Jack Neubeck may be better known for his work in the theater, but we're so excited to present an interview with him regarding his appearance in cult faves INVASION OF THE BLOOD FARMERS (1972) and SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED (1974). Jack talks to us about his experiences making these two cartoonishly grisly pics, as well as his memories of working with cult filmmakers Michael and Roberta Findlay.

Bret McCormick is a lifelong film fan who achieved what has got to be every monster kid's goal; after making his own scary movies on Super 8, he worked his way up to working for B-movie icon Roger Corman, as well as making numerous contacts with independent filmmakers like S.F. Brownrigg, Robert A. Burns, and Larry Buchanan. Bret has written a new book called TEXAS SCHLOCK, that is part memoir, part commentary, and a vital document about regional filmmaking. Bret talks to us about his book, as well as his own 1986 ultra low budget gorefest THE ABOMINATION.

We've also got plenty of commentary ourselves. J.H. Rood has a profile of American serial killer Ed Gein, who inspired some grisly cinematic flickers. Sam Panico has a major crush on CATHY'S CURSE, and Victor C. Leroi discusses Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE as part of his Video Nasty series. Lana Revok writes about Manson TV docudrama HELTER SKELTER, and newcomer Roger Braden highlights ALONE IN THE DARK and PSYCHIC KILLER as two must-watch movies. Dustin Fallon takes on WITHOUT WARNING, that 1980 alien-on-earth movie that is really sort of like a FRIDAY THE 13th film, with an alien instead of a mad slasher.

And of course, all of these are accompanied by the pulpy newsprint ads that you love to see in DIA! Hearken back to that era where you got your vital info about what was at the movies by picking up the local newspaper, and you were frequently greeted by sleazy adverts that promised all sorts of gruesome thrills.

5.5 x 8.5, black and white (some pages are printed on colored paper), 52 pages.

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