Destroyer #1

Product Number: 85001727724300111


Writer: Mae Catt

Artist: Alberto Ponticelli

Publisher: Bad Idea

Erik Strominger has been in an accident. As a high energy physicist at the most classified installation in the world, there can be no accidents. Now Erik has a secret. Something is growing inside of him. The radiance of a thousand suns let loose a new force. He can feel it. He can even hear it. It says, "it wants to live". And that its growing stronger. Strong enough to defy the laws of physics, to tear open reality, bleed out time. It tells him that he will soon be free. Radiant and free. That he will soon be beyond life and beyond death. But Erik knows his secret threatens the lives of those he holds dear and the powers he works for. Play dice with the gods and everyone loses. Can he contain it? Or will he allow it to emerge?

An explosive and heartbreaking story of rebirth in the midst of death, THE DESTROYER is a tour de force from superstar film and TV writer Mae Catt (Netflix's Transformers) and Eisner Award winning artist Alberto Ponticelli (Unknown Soldier, Orc Island).

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