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Brotherhood of Satan Blu ray

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Publisher: Arrow

A small rural town and a family of outsiders, both trapped in the demonic grip of The Brotherhood of Satan!<\/p>

Recently widowed Ben, his glamourous girlfriend Nicky and his small daughter K.T. are on a road trip across the Southwest, which comes to a screeching halt when they witness an accident. Heading to the nearby isolated desert town of Hillsboro to report it to the Sheriff (played by L.Q. Jones), they are met with a hostile reaction from the locals, who are gripped by paranoia and fear due to a series of gruesome deaths, as well as the mysterious disappearance of eleven of the communitys children. As the bodies continue to pile up around them, Ben and his family find themselves joining the sheriff, a local priest and the towns enigmatic physician Doc Duncan (Strother Martin, Cool Hand Luke<\/i>) in the midst of a mystery that points towards a deadly satanic cult...<\/p>

Produced by Alvy Moore and L.Q. Jones, a veteran character actor best known for his work with Sam Peckinpah, The Brotherhood of Satan<\/i> is an atmospheric and chilling tale of terror that provides a crucial missing link between Rosemarys Baby<\/i> (1968) and The Devils Rain<\/i> (1975) in the cycle of turn\-of\-the\-seventies shockers involving sinister devil\-worshipping cults lurking within the dark shadows of modern\-day America.<\/p>

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