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Immerse yourself in captivating worlds with our extensive collection of art books at Forbidden Planet NYC! Explore the enchanting realms of movies, gaming, DC, and Marvel through beautifully crafted movie art books. Enhance your artistic skills with guides teaching you how to draw beloved comic characters. Delve deep into the minds behind writers, TV shows, and movies with insightful reference books.

Uncover the fascinating lives of pop culture icons, from Mr. Rogers to Frank Frazetta, Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, and more. Dig into the history of gangster rap and classic monster movies. Our biography section celebrates the creators who shaped our favorite stories.

Feast your eyes on stunning art from Blade Runner, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, and other iconic franchises. Dive into the enchanting worlds of Studio Ghibli with the Hayao Miyazaki Art Book. Marvel at the talent of Dan Clowes and the art of Crash Bandicoot 4. Journey to Eternia with the Art of He-Man & The Masters of the Universe.

Discover a wealth of knowledge in our reference books like "Back in the Days," "Edumacation Book," "Fact Fictions," and "Access Guide Black Comic Book Community." Navigate the world of comic pricing with the trusted Overstreet Price Guide.

Expand your horizons, get inspired, and dive into the heart of creativity with our diverse selection of art and reference books.