Bipolar Bear & Terrible Horrible No Good Health Insurance TP

Product Number: 9781637790359


Writer: Kathleen Founds

Artist: Kathleen Founds

Publisher: Graphic Mundi

Theodore is a bear with wild mood swings. When he is up, he carves epic poetry into tree trunks. When he is down, he paints sad faces on rocks and turtle shells. In search of prescription medications that will bring stability to his life, Theodore finds a job with health insurance benefits. He gets the meds, but when he can''t pay the psychiatrist''s bill, he becomes lost in the Labyrinth of Health Insurance Claims. Entertaining, whimsical, and bitingly satirical, Bipolar Bear is a fable for grownups that manages the delicate balance of addressing society''s ills while simultaneously presenting a hopeful vision for the world.

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