X-Men Summers and Winter TP

Product Number: 9781302919429


Writer: Lonnie Nadler

Artist: Neil Edwards

Publisher: Marvel Comics

A time for grief and a time for joy! First, in EXTERMINATIONs aftermath, the X-Men mourn their fallen brother, Cable. But no one takes it harder than his adopted daughter, Hope Summers. Can she cope with the loss, or will Hope start down a dark path from which there is no return? Only Jean Grey can save Hope from herself! Plus: Chris Claremont celebrates Nathans childhood with a special unseen tale! And as one Summers falls, another makes his glorious return! But just how does Cyclops come back from the dead and whos behind it? Then, its seasons greetings from the X-Men with 25 tales of merry mutants! What does Magneto do for Hanukkah? Whats Rogue and Gambits first married Christmas like? And who kidnapped Jubilee?! Collecting X-MEN: THE EXTERMINATED, UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL (2019) #1 and MERRY X-MEN HOLIDAY SPECIAL. Rated T+

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