What If? With Great Power TP

Product Number: 9781302916152

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Writer: Various

Artist: Various

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Uncanny tales from the infinite possibilities of the Multiverse! Ask yourself what if...Marvel went metal with Ghost Rider? Or Doctor Strange was training Illyana Magik Rasputin to become the next Sorcerer Supreme? Imagine that the responsible Peter Parker wasnt the one bitten by the radioactive spider but instead it was an egotistical bully like Flash Thompson! Or that Peters Uncle Ben and Aunt May were both slain, setting him on a violent path to becoming the Punisher?! On other worlds, Odin is slain, Jotunheim becomes home to a Thor raised by the king of the Frost Giants! And the digital wonderland of the EXE/scape hosts X-Men more extraordinary than youve ever imagined! Collecting WHAT IF? GHOST RIDER, WHAT IF? MAGIK, WHAT IF? SPIDER-MAN, WHAT IF? THE PUNISHER, WHAT IF? THOR and WHAT IF? X-MEN. Parental Advisory

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