Weng's Chop #3

Product Number: 978148418420290000


Publisher: Wildside Kronos

Join the geeks of WENG'S CHOP as they dig deep thru the outer reaches of oddball and obscure to bring you the wildest and weirdest in global cinema! This issue includes an interview with Youtube sensation The Dancing Yeti and MARK IV's Russell S. Doughten Jr. Articles include Rapturesploitation, Cardonia-Mania, Mexploitation Cinema, The Career of Mary Mendum, Mexican Monsters, The Incubus, Simon king of the Witches, A Massive Article on India's Nagin Films, Andrzej Zulawski's Possession, Indonesian Phantom Women Films, Seven Deadly Synths, Cult Cinema Under The Gun by Danae Dunning, The Bookshelf (Book Reviews), Literary Reprints MONSTER! International and VIDEO VOICE and the FIRST Weng's Chop Crossword Puzzle!

Reviews include: Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan, Lolly-Madonna XXX, Maneater, Santa Sangre, Chojin Densetsu Urotsukidoji, Der Kreig Der Infras, Gheysar, Deviation, Monkey King with 72 Magic, La Lllorona (The Wailer), La Llorona II (The Wailer 2), La Llorona III (The Wailer 3), La Tia Alejandra, The ABC's of Death, S&M Hunter, Qerib in the Land of the Djinn, Maya, Bath Salt Zombies, Spie contro il mondo, Crippled Masters, Command Performance, The Evil Clergyman, Pizza, Ninja Shadow Killers: Tiger Force, Strike of the Tortured Angels, Virgin Apocalypse, Evil Dead (2013), Blood Beat, I Was a Man.

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