Tmnt Armageddon Game Alliance TP

Product Number: 9781684059942


Writer: Erik Burnham, Juni Ba, Sophie

Artist: Roi Mercado

Publisher: IDW Entertainment

As the Rat King and his new Trio of TerrorMadame Null, General Krang, and Baxter Stockmanunleash the Armageddon Game on the denizens of New York City and Mutant Town, the TMNTunder the leadership of the newly reformed Shredderturn to allies old and new to help them in their desperate quest to stop the Rat King's nefarious plot. Karai, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Nobody, Alopex, Bludgeon, and Venuseach play an important part in the apocalyptic contest for the world. But can this coalition withstand the Rat King's latest gambit... or will a new and unexpected alliance form in its wake? Collects issues #1-6.

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