The Parakeet HC

Product Number: 9780271088051


Writer: Espe

Artist: Espe

Publisher: Graphic Mundi

Bastien is eight years old, and his mother is ill. She often has what his father and grandparents call "episodes." According to the doctors, she suffers from "bipolar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies." That's why she has to go to the hospital or to specialized clinics for frequent treatments. Bastien doesn't like her to go, because when she returns home, she is not very responsive. She has no feelings, no desires, and not much interest in him.

Based on the author's own experiences, The Parakeet is the story of a boy whose only refuge from life's harsh realities lies in his imagination. In his eyes, we can see the confusion and heartache Bastian feels as he watches his mother's illness progress. Through his eyes, we see how mental illness can both tear families apart and reaffirm the bonds of love. First published in French, Le Perroquet won the 2017 Paroles de patients literary award.

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