The Airy Tales

Product Number: 9780979746567


Writer: Olga Volozova

Artist: Olga Volozova

Publisher: Sparkplug

The Airy Tales tell about the invisible threads that connect all the things around. When you touch accidentally one of these threads in the air, it might show, as well as some other threads nearby. Then you start seeing more than you did before, you see little people who are sitting on the leaves as on balconies, a healer who lives in the house inside the rain, or a street pole in love with a crow. These short tales are light and humorous, they aim to dissolve sadness. Airy tales are the tales that come to you easily, like from the air, that's why they are "airy tales". You can take a bunch of them from the air yourself. They fall onto the nose like raindrops. They seem to exist already somewhere and as they touch the mind or the eye, they take a familiar but always surprising shape, just like snowflakes. Words and illustrations merge together in these tales, adding to their personal style which attempts to read messages from an unseen place that soars between a dream journal and a notebook.

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