Marvel Comics

Star Wars Saga #1

Product Number: 75960609799900111


Writer: Jess Harrold

Artist: Various

Publisher: Marvel Comics

As the stage is set for the next great chapter in Marvels exploration of the galaxy far, far away, get caught up on the story so far! This special issue celebrates all the action, drama and fan-favorite characters both classic and brand new that define Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen and Greg Paks STAR WARS runs! From Luke Skywalkers earliest confrontations with Darth Vader, to the Rebel Alliances furious clashes with a resurgent Empire...from the introduction of Han Solos wife Sana Starros, to the debut of the ruthless elite Stormtrooper unit known as SCAR Squadron...from the devastation of the Hope Dies storyline to the Scourging of Shu-Torun...the STAR WARS SAGA is packed with major moments in the lives of rebels and rogues alike! Featuring stunning artwork from a host of incredible talents, plus exciting extras! Reserve your copy today! Rated T

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