Someone You Can Build a Nest In HC

Product Number: 9780756418854


Author: John Wiswell

Publisher: DAW Books

Discover this creepy, charming monster-slaying fantasy romance--from the perspective of the monster--by Nebula Award-winning debut author John Wiswell

Shesheshen has made a mistake fatal to all monsters: she's fallen in love.

Shesheshen is a shapeshifter, who happily resides as an amorphous lump at the bottom of a ruined manor. When her rest is interrupted by hunters intent on murdering her, she constructs a body from the remains of past meals: a metal chain for a backbone, borrowed bones for limbs, and a bear trap as an extra mouth.

However, the hunters chase Shesheshen out of her home and off a cliff. Badly hurt, she's found and nursed back to health by Homily, a warm-hearted human, who has mistaken Shesheshen as a fellow human. Homily is kind and nurturing and would make an excellent co-parent: an ideal place to lay Shesheshen's eggs so their young could devour Homily from the inside out. But as they grow close, she realizes humans don't think about love that way.

Shesheshen hates keeping her identity secret from Homily, but just as she's about to confess, Homily reveals why she's in the area: she's hunting a shapeshifting monster that supposedly cursed her family. Has Shesheshen seen it anywhere?

Eating her girlfriend isn't an option. Shesheshen didn't curse anyone, but to give herself and Homily a chance at happiness, she has to figure out why Homily's twisted family thinks she did. As the hunt for the monster becomes increasingly deadly, Shesheshen must unearth the truth quickly, or soon both of their lives will be at risk.

And the bigger challenge remains: surviving her toxic in-laws long enough to learn to build a life with, rather than in, the love of her life.

" Wiswell raises the bar on the outcast as protagonist . . . the ultimate monster slayer story, if the monster is just a misunderstood creature searching for love." -- Kristi Chadwick, Library Journal (starred review)

" Someone You Can Build a Nest In is sweetly furious, darkly funny, and gruesomely wholesome. It's a love story for the unloved, a happily-ever-after with a higher-than-average body count. I just adored it." --Alix E. Harrow, New York Times-bestselling author of Starling House

" Surprisingly sweet, unsurprisingly horrific, and entirely humane--only John Wiswell could have written this monster and her book, and I'm so very glad he did."' --Arkady Martine, Hugo Award-winning author of A Memory Called Empire

" Someone You Can Build a Nest In is the future of fantasy: a fairy tale with boundaries, an imaginative world created in the shape of collective values rather than the boring old id, a portal to a place you've really never seen before instead of just a princess in a different outfit. This novel is going to change the entire genre." --Meg Elison, Hugo and Locus award-winning author of The Book of the Unnamed Midwife

"This is a fast-paced and gloriously weird novel, full of explosive shenanigans and touching sentiment. It also manages to be an exploration of the queerness and the surprising fragility of monstrous bodies, as well as their resilience. . . a remarkably accomplished debut." -- Liz Bourke, Locus Magazine

" Wriggly, heartfelt, and carnivorous." --Max Gladstone, New York Times-bestselling co-author of This is How You Lose the Time War

"Inventive enough to push the boundaries of romance and dark fantasy . . . A wonderfully weird horror romance." -- Kirkus Review

"I love the wonder and the darkly enchanting danger of this story. It makes me think of fairy tales, but John Wiswell understands what so many have forgotten: that true fairy tales are gruesome and magical at the same time, and he nails it here." --C.L. Polk, bestselling author of Even Though I Knew the End

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