Sixteen Tongues Blu ray

Product Number: 814456025810


Publisher: Vinegar Syndrome

Way-out sci-fi shocker from Scooter McCrae is set in a futuristic "sex hotel" filled with hookers, S&M torture rooms, and non-stop TV porn. Rogue cop Adrian Torque (Crawford James)-whose body is covered in skin grafts from the tongues of 16 slain fellow officers-becomes the target of female cyborg assassin Ginny Chin-Chin (Jane Chase), whose hacker girlfriend Alik Silens (Alice Liu) is seeking her brother's murderer. Tina Krause, Glenn Hetrick also star. 80 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English; Subtites: English (SDH); audio commentary; bonus film "Saint Frankendtein" (2015); featurettes; deleted scenes; isolated music score; image gallery; theatrical trailers; more.

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