Simpsons Get Some Fancy Book Learnin TP

Product Number: 9780061957871


Writer: Matt Groening

Artist: Matt Groening

Publisher: Bongo

Gather round for some high-spirited and fortune-filled fables when Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, takes on the world's literary classics! Mount Olympus will never be the same when Homer presents The Iliad and Ned Flanders takes a turn as Aesop.

Marge is Persian princess Scheherazade, who must impress the impulsive King Moe-mar Shahryar every night with a story in order to save her own neck. Bart does the Bard, man, when the students of Springfield Elementary perform, measure by measure, virtually every one of William Shakespeare's plays in one midsummer night.

From gods to gorgons, the Simpsons put high-minded and high-falutin' literature in its place - on your favorite bookshelf!

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