Robonic Stooges Fantastic Fools #3 Cvr B

Product Number: 85609100602130321


Writer: S.A. Check

Artist: Diego Tapie

Publisher: American Mythology

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Revival Continues! The Robonic Stooges are back and fans have responded with a resounding Nyuk Nyuk to the Nyuk! They've already saved the planet from the world-devouring Oreganose, and the subterranean terror known as MoleShemp! But now The Boys must face their greatest challenge yet when they're thrust into a pastry-fueled post-apocalyptic future filled with a threat so dark, so vile, its name is only mentioned in whispers - The Shempinels - featured in 'Days of Dunderheads Past' and an added special behind the scenes training tale in 'Dangerously Stupid'! The Robonic Stooges #2 Fantastic Fools is available with three covers - Main by Eric Shanower, Variant by *, and a 350 copy Limited Edition Black & White collector's variant!
Cover Artist: Dean Rankine

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