Proof Vol 01 Goatsucker TP

Product Number: 9781582409443

$9.99 $8.49 15%

Writer: Alexander Grecian

Artist: Riley Rossmo

Publisher: Image Comics

If you believe in monsters... Proof doesn't leave urban legends where it finds them. Bigfoot wears a suit to the office. Fairies devour anyone in sight. A lonely monster wears human skins for company. The hit series starts here!

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The Stache is hairier, 11th Apr 2010

Reviewer: Travis Fowler

Some people still aren't sure if Bigfoot exists.
Me personally?
What I do know is that the five times I've seen my daddy shirtless would prove a man can grow hair anywhere.
As for this book?
If you like monsters, Elvis look-a-likes, and men so hairy even Tom Sellick would be envious...then you need to rock this book.

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