Promethea TP Vol 02

Product Number: 9781563899577


Writer: Alan Moore

Artist: J.H. Williams III

Publisher: DC Comics

Sophie Bangs lives in a present-day New York City similar to our own, but one dominated by science. What interests Sophie isn't science, though, it's myth: specifically the recurring myths and stories of a mystic warrior woman named Promethea, whose origins seem to emerge from the dim memories of 5th century Egypt, when a young girl fleeing her father's murderers slips somehow into the realm of ancient gods, The Immateria.

Researching a fictional trail through centuries, Sophie quickly finds herself under demonic threat, and must take on the power and persona of Promethea to survive! That powers opens up the world of The Immateria, where stories and ideas live, and armed with new knowledge, Sophie returns to New York to confront the creatures of Hell, The Temple, and the computer-mad Pseunami.

Perhaps the greatest challenge for Sophie lies within, as she seeks arcane knowledge with Jack Faust and explores the Magic Theatre of the Mind in an artistic tour-de-force unlike anything you've seen or read before. With friend Stacia and a cadre of past Prometheas at her side, Sophie will need all the intelligence, skill and bravery she can summon to triumph.

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