Parasyte Color HC Vol 04

Product Number: 9781646516421


Writer: Yoshinobu Yamada

Artist: Yoshinobu Yamada

Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Shinichi used to be an ordinary high school student, but now he is keeping a dark secret about the parasites that have invaded Earth and taken over the bodies of thousands of unwitting victims. It's a secret too dangerous to share, but too big to cover up, and Shinichi is stuck in the middle. Then he meets Kana, a bold girl with a strange gift that grants her the ability to detect the parasites...and Shinichi! Will Kana end up being ally or hindrance to Shinichi as he tries to maintain the careful balance of his own existence?

For more than 30 years, new generations of readers have been riveted to this unlikely buddy story that unfolds amid a world of monstrosities that never stay hidden for long. Since its first release, in 1988, Parasyte has inspired live-action films, spinoffs, and, in 2015, a global hit anime series. The Full Color Collection presents Hitoshi Iwaaki's original manga in hardcover for the first time, with each page carefully colorized and a revised translation for 2022. There's never been a better time to stay up late and get your hand on Parasyte!
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