On the Road With Harlan Ellison CD Vol 06

Product Number: 809879001121


Author: Harlan Ellison

Publisher: Deep Shag Records

On The Road With Ellison Volume Six is the latest report from Harlan Ellison and a life lived on the road. This 2CD set includes an exclusive new essay and features Harlan's historic 2005 Grand Master Award acceptance speech. Volume Six finds the author impersonating a rabbi, getting kicked out of Brazil, offering his thoughts on Star Wars and saying goodbye to his dear friend Octavia Butler. Follow Harlan on the road and get inside the head of America's most outspoken wordsmith.

This is Ellison live on stage and anything goes.

1. Magellan and I Take Tea at the Roxy
2. Neither Harry S. Truman nor
David 0. Selznik Had a Middle Name
3. The Finest Man Who Ever Lived,
Anywhere, Anytime
4. Oh, Oh, Oblivion!
5. I Babysat Peter David's 9 Year Old
Daughter, Caroline Helen Helen
6. Serial Killers Are Doughnuts
7. Notes on My Flirtation with Higher
Education, or, Taken to the Shedd
8. The Charnel House, the Rotting
Swamp, and the Abattoir
9. What Decade Is This?
10. Blahblahblahblah&blah
11. I AM NOT Now, Nor Have
I Ever Been Rabbi Rosenthal
12. Get Outta Town Now,
Gringo Muthuhfugguh!

1. 2006 SFWA Grand Master Award:
Neil Gaiman Introduction
2. Harlan's Grand Master Acceptance Speech
3. In Memorium: Octavia E. Butler

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