My New York Marathon TP

Product Number: 9781594657542

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Writer: Sebastien Samson

Artist: Sebastien Samson

Publisher: Humanoids

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Sebastien, a quiet and shy teacher, gets lost in the memories of his boyhood, when he was a strong and successful runner. On a whim, he decides to challenge his aging body and crumbling spirit and run the New York Marathon!

From the streets of France to the streets of Brooklyn, Sebastian pushes himself past limits he didn't even know he had.

A humorous and poignant autobiographical tale and a love letter to the landscapes and panoramas of New York as well as a testament to the triumph of the human spirit.

"Samson's immersive graphic memoir chronicles his three-year progression from out-of-shape, middle-aged novice to successful participant in the 2011 New York City Marathon. The logistics of marathon preparation are outlined in expert detail: changes in diet, obtaining proper gear, navigating the marathon's paperwork, and a wealth of other minutiae are offered emotional counterpoint with the author's introspection during his journey. Drawing inspiration from his wife's running prowess, he fortifies himself with solitary runs along the beaches and cliffs of his native Normandy while reflecting upon the area's wartime history and his own worthiness weighed against the sacrifices of the soldiers who died there. As his training escalates, the unfortunate realities of explosive diarrhea and other ways a runner's body can become its own enemy add sometimes visceral texture. The story culminates in the marathon, interspersed with a heartfelt N.Y.C. travelogue from a Gallic point of view. Presented in a visual style fusing animation influences and observational realism, Samson's work is indispensable to marathon runners and those intending to take up the sport." -Publishers Weekly

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