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Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome

Product Number: 089218113290


Publisher: Alpha Video

Mr. Lobo's Cinema Insomnia has been seen in hundreds of television and cable markets. In the tradition of vintage horror host shows, Mr. Lobo appears in brief vignettes in between segments of this late night movie. Also appearing in the breaks are satirical commercials, old movie trailers, classic commercials and interviews shot at horror/sci-fi conventions and film festivals across the country. "They're Not Bad Movies...Just Misunderstood!"

You can't say Mr. Lobo doesn't know Dick - because in 1947 people didn't say things like that! Cinema Insomnia's host presents a film based on the classic Chester Gould comic strip - Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome, also known as Dick Tracy Meets Boris Karloff. Leading man Ralph Byrd is suitably steadfast as the straight-laced detective from the Sunday funnies, especially when pitted against "Frankenstein's Monster" himself, Boris Karloff. See trailers from crime genre films (1930s to present), retro clips, drive-in snack bar ads, and a special appearance by rival horror host Lady Skank'nstein, who steals the second half of the movie from Mr. Lobo! A "must see" for Cinema Insomnia fans!

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