Monster! #34

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Publisher: Wildside Kronos

MONSTER! #34 - Boasting eye-poppingly colorful “Kappa” cover art by Ian Coleman, our first issue of MONSTER! in about a year is yet another monstrously HUGE 370-page behemoth, cram-jammed from cover-to-cover with all manner of exotic creature feature loveliness! Articles this ish include in-depth coverage of Yōkai Monsters in folklore and cinema (etc.) by Jolyon Yates and Michael Hauss; Parts 4+5 of Stephen R. Bissette's epic career-spanning article on/interview with American D.I.Y. master monster-maker Brett Piper; Daniel Best's piece about the now-lost silent era Australian spook shocker FISHER'S GHOST (1924); the second and final part of “Channel of Darkness”, Stephen Jilks’ retrospective of BBC-TV’s 1970s horror programming (including DOCTOR WHO and much more); “The Horror of the Unseen”, David SHEER FILTH Flint’s article covering The Beeb’s gothic ghost stories for Christmas; the second instalment of Christos Mouroukis’ film-by-film overview of the GODZILLA movie series; plus “The House that Josh Built”, Troy Howarth’s (second) M! interview with up-’n’-coming young indie filmmaker Joshua Kennedy, whose latest TLC production HOUSE OF THE GORGON (co-starring Hammer glamour gals Veronica Carlson and Martine Beswicke!) will be premiering at Monster Bash 2019. In addition to all our coverage of Japanese kaidan/kaiju fare this issue, we’ve also got plentiful other international content too, including reviews of cinematic exotica from other such parts of the globe as India, Italy, Argentina, Malaysia, and the U.S. of A. Other writing contributors for M! #34 include: Shamya Dasgupta, Kinshuk Gaur, Dennis Capicik, Martín Núñez, Eric Messina, Les Moore, Tim Paxton, and Steve Fenton. Other original artworks were contributed by BC Sterrett, Marcio Costa, and Denis St. John.

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