Monster! #33

Product Number: 978198772327490000


Publisher: Wildside Kronos

BEHOLD, NOT UNLIKE THE ETERNAL DRACULA, MONSTER! HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE TO TERRORIZE YOU ANEW! After more than a year hiatus, MONSTER! is finally back with our bumper 33rd issue, the biggest one yet at 370 heavily-illustrated pages. This inch-thick behemoth comes fully-loaded with a wide variety of articles and movie reviews on the zine's unifying theme: MONSTERS! We've got Daniel Best's "The Mummy in Australia", which covers the history of Universal's Imhotep / Kharis series Down Under; Dana Marie Andra's "Inside THE OUTER LIMITS: Interviews with OL Alumni Harlan Ellison & Robert Culp"; Stephen Jilks' "Channel of Darkness: DOCTOR WHO & the BBC's Gothic Horrors of the 1970s"; Stephen R. Bissette's "Anarchy & Monsters: The Brett Piper Interview (Parts 2 & 3 [of 6])"; Dan Ross' "NATIONAL KID: The 'Superman' of Japan", a retrospective of the vintage tokusatsu superhero teleseries; John Harrison's "Monster Magazines That Time Forgot: Poster Mags", including an interview with MONSTER MAG's Dez Skinn; Neil D'Silva's "LAPACHHAPI: A Real Game-Changer for Indian Horror Cinema!" including an interview with its director Vishal Furia; and Mike Hauss' "Keys to the House: Turning Experimentation into Expression!" an analysis of Nobuhiko Obayashi's unique 1977 Japanese horror-fantasy movie HAUSU; and Christos Mouroukis' "Return of My Monster Movie Marathon Diary: Godzilla A Go-Go!";plus oodles of creature feature reviews, original art contributions, detailed video availability information about the movies covered, and all sorts of other ghoulish goodies besides! This ish's contributors also include: Alex Wald, Marcio Costa, Dennis Capicik, Martin Nunez, Mark Nelson, Jeff Goodhartz, Sebastien Godin, Andy Ross, Eric Messina, Les Moore.

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