Monster! #32

Product Number: 978154285793290000


Publisher: Wildside Kronos

This our biggest issue ever (so far!) has about three times the page-count of one of our average older issues, and you can bet that every last one of 'em is absolutely stuffed to da max wid marvelous monstrous madness! In fact, if we were to itemize the entire contents here in any detail, it'd probably take a thousand words, at least. So, rather than even trying to give you the full picture, we're just gonna give you the thumbnail sketch version instead. So, real short'n'sweet, here's a rundown of M! #32's contents, which include: An Interview with Master Monster-Maker Brett Piper! Japanese Monster-Battler Moonlight Mask a.k.a. Gekko Kamen! Darna, the High-Flying Filipina Superheroine! Daimajin, the Wrathful Nipponese God-Monster of Stone! Jean Rollin! Recent Indian Monster Movies! The Lovecraftian Influence on Japanese Fantasy/Horror! Tod Browning & Béla Lugosi's Vampire Films! Plus cool comics, book reviews, slews of reviews of Creature Features from all across the globe, and much more besides!
Art contributions include a stunning wraparound cover by kaiju specialist Alex Wald, along with other fabtastic original interior artworks by Bob Eggleton, Christopher Martinez, Denis St. John, Matt Bradshaw and Andy Ross; while our lengthy roster of writing contributors this ish is: Michael Hauss, Dan Ross, John-Paul Checkett, Cédric Monget, Eric McNaughton, Dennis Capicik, Kinshuk Gaur, Jeff Goodhartz, Jonathan Clode, Andy Ross, Matt Bradshaw, Marcel Burel, Martin Nunez, Christopher J. Maurer, Louis Paul, Matthew E. Banks, Eric Messina, Troy Howarth, Stephen R. Bissette, Les Moore, Mongo McGillicutty, Brian Harris, Steve Fenton, and Tim Paxton

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