Monster! #24

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Publisher: Wildside Kronos

Although it's officially our December issue - even if we did go to print a couple days late (Happy New Year, peeps!) - strangely enough, MONSTER! #24 has absolutely zero seasonal content in it. Zip. Nada. Maybe for 2016 we'll try and put together some sort of Christmas Special... but that's a loooooong way off yet, and we've still got another 11 more issues to put out before then! Anyway, kicking off #24 (marking M!'s 2nd Anniversary in its newest incarnation), we have Steve Bissette's in-depth piece about Dr. Ulrich Merkl's newly-published "coffee table" art book, DINOMANIA: THE LOST ART OF WINSOR McCAY, THE SECRET ORIGINS OF KING KONG AND THE URGE TO DESTROY NEW YORK (2015). The article also covers numerous aspects of legendary illustrator/animator (etc.) McCay's career - his work was a bigger influence on monster media than you might think! - and also includes an interview with DINOMANIA's dedicated creator Dr. Merkl, for whom the book was truly a hands-on labor of love, and which may well stand as the final word on the subject. As for the rest of this issue, while our page-count is up at a respectable 115, we have fewer articles than usual, but we do have a piece by Tom Sciacca covering monster toys of the 1960s, and the bulk of our pages contain a diverse conglomeration of movies under review, including THE ALIEN FACTOR (1978), GRIM (1995), YOKAI MONSTERS: SPOOK WARFARE (1968), LARVA (2005), ATTACK OF THE BEAST CREATURES (1985), THE PHANTOM EYE (1999), GAMERA, SUPER MONSTER (1980), VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (2015); as well as a pair of lesser-known Argentinean monster movies, EMBRUJADA (1969/1976), starring Latina bombshell Isabel Sarli, and the lyrical lycanthropy fable NAZARENO CRUZ AND THE WOLF (1975); also the Mexi-monster efforts DR. SATAN (1966) and its sequel DR. SATAN AND BLACK MAGIC (1968); plus the Bollywood spook-shocker 13B: FEAR HAS A NEW ADDRESS (2009), and others. And speaking of Bollywood, MONSTER! founder / godfather Tim Paxton contributes another meaty article about Indian horror movies, this time a number of "imitations" (note quotes) of the title character of Bram Stoker's DRACULA, plus other vampire movies from the subcontinent, too. In addition to those already mentioned, the other writing and/or artwork contributors for M! #24 were Roberto Barreiro, Martín Núñez, Aindrila Roy, Greg Goodsell, Sebastien Godin, Jeff Goodhartz, Matthew E. Banks, Eric Messina, Andy Ross, Christos Mouroukis, Michael Hauss, Brian Harris, Tony Strauss and Steve Fenton. As in every issue, we round out this number with video availability information pertaining to films covered in the text. All packaged in a lovely, lively wraparound cover of dino-on-the-rampage artwork by Denis St. John.

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