Monster! #14

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Publisher: Wildside Kronos

The main meat of MONSTER! #14 is our nearly 30-page open forum about both the original 1967 version and the "revamped" 1970 reedit of that enduring no-frills fan fave, EQUINOX, featuring fab stop-motion-animated beasties by David Allen. Contributing more than their ten cents' worth to this roundtable discussion are Christopher William Koenig, Michael Hauss, Mike T. Lyddon, Steve Fenton, John Szpunar, John Harrison and Stephen R. Bissette. In addition to this lengthy look back on said largely woefully underappreciated if far-from-forgotten monster movie classic, we also have our usual grab-bag of assorted reviews of other monster movies -- some classic, others, well...not-so - including write-ups of THE MONOLITH MONSTERS (1957), PARASITE (1982), DEADLY EYES (1982), THE DEADLY SPAWN (1983), TERRORVISION (1985), MONSTER IN THE CLOSET (1986), THE LAST FRANKENSTEIN (1991), FLIGHT TO HELL (2003), ALIEN LOCKDOWN (2004), 13 EERIE (2013) and SUBURBAN GOTHIC (2014), plus several more titles besides. Reviewers include Dennis Capicik, Eric Messina, Jason "Skunkape" Cook, Michael Elvidge, Steven Ronquillo, Matt Bradshaw and Adam Parker-Edmondston.
As well, Troy Howarth contributes an article about the BLACULA two-pack, starring the late, great William Marshall, while Louis Paul covers some more Hammer Films shockers in his ongoing column entitled Creature Features. Elsewhere, M! co-editor Tim Paxton gives us Pt. 9 of his ongoing series on "The House of Ramsay", India's foremost purveyors of horror/monster cinema; in this issue he covers 3D SAAMRI (1985) and AAKHRI CHEEKH (1991). We've also got some more snazzy original art by Denis St. John and Matt Bradshaw, plus detailed info about the video availability of all the main titles covered in the issue. And last but by no means least, we've even dug up some dirt on that elusive "lost" Euro critter flick, MUTANO THE HORRIBLE!

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