Monster! #11

Product Number: 978150314929890000


Publisher: Wildside Kronos

Kaiju means "monster" in Japanese, and this the 11th jam-packed issue of MONSTER!-amongst other things-highlights some of the more unusual international oversized Creature Features of the past 50 years or so. Included are reviews of the equally notorious '70s "giant gorilla" monster spoofs QUEEN KONG (from the UK) and A*P*E (from S. Korea), as well as coverage of such '60s Japanese Kaiju klassics as FRANKENSTEIN CONQUERS THE WORLD, KING KONG ESCAPES and SPACE AMOEBA (a.k.a. YOG, MONSTER FROM SPACE); not to mention write-ups on the zany '80s Commie Bloc monster adventure, THE CURSE OF SNAKES VALLEY and the recent weird Indian pseudo-"Hulk" rip-off, ATHISAYAN. On top of oldies but goodies like Universal's '40s sleeper NIGHT MONSTER, we've also got appraisals of a few current genre releases too (including the CG critter flick P-51 DRAGON FIGHTER). In addition, we have a detailed and affectionately nostalgic retrospective of the old skool zipper-monster free-for-all GODZILLA VS. MEGALON, a 6-page portfolio of killer "Kaiju "-themed art by illustrator Alex Wald, and not only that but we tackle the highly-regarded QUATERMASS series in both its small screen and cinematic incarnations... and there's still so-o-o much more! All enclosed in a stunning full-color wraparound cover created by artist Tony Luke and with more dynamically kinetic internal B&W line art by Denis St. John, yet. So what are you waiting for, monster maniacs?!

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