Mercy Sparx Omnibus HC Vol 02

Product Number: 9781733225083


Writer: Josh Blaylock

Artist: Matt Merhoff

Publisher: Devils Due

Heaven's unlikely bounty hunter is back! A devil on a 'mission from God,' Mercy Sparx has spent years ripping halos off of whichever rogue angel Heaven orders her to, but now it appears there's a much bigger problem her mother! The malevolent Faustia has found a way onto Earth, and has gotten the upper hand on both Heaven and Hell. To defeat, in Mercy's own words, her 'See You Next Tuesday' of a mother, her only chance is to dive deep into her memory, and relive a painful childhood in the underworld of Sheol. Collects every Mercy Sparx comic produced from 2017-2020, the 'Who the F#*' encyclopedia, and over 20 pages of brand new content!

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