Magic the Gathering Game Night Box

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You and 1–4 friends can START PLAYING MAGIC: THE GATHERING INSTANTLY with this multiplayer starter set.
JUST OPEN AND PLAY. Everything is in the box. 5 decks, 5 dice for tracking life totals, and all the accessories you need to play.
These five decks were designed as an intuitive way to TEACH YOUR FRIENDS MAGIC.
BRING MAGIC ANYWHERE. Magic Game Night comes in a sturdy, portable box so you can take Magic with you wherever you game.
Includes a unique MIX-AND-MATCH feature to quickly and easily build your own decks for endless replayability.
Rise from the grave with the black decks’ zombies or unleash chaos with the red deck’s dragons. Magic Game Night’s 5 READY-TO-PLAY DECKS showcase the five colors of Magic and the strategies unique to each one.
Magic Game Night DEBUTS FIVE MAGIC CARDS: Militant Angel, Inspired Sphinx, Rot Hulk, Goblin Goliath, and Avatar of Growth.

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