La Borinquena #2 George Perez Cover

Product Number: LaB2


Writer: Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez

Artist: Manuel Preitano

Publisher: Somos Arte

La Borinqueña returns!

As the island continues to recover from the catastrophe of last issue, Marisol continues to wrestle with her newfound role. In her costume, flying high, she’s hailed as a hero...but would the people accept her as their protector if they knew who she really was, and where she was really from? After all: what does it even mean to be a hero? At the university, which has been facing so many budget cuts that many students can’t even attend to their studies, Marisol is surrounded by bright, active young people bravely facing the island’s challenges, not with superpowers, but with their voices. And as Marisol sees when she’s magically displaced from time, these students are part of a long tradition of Puerto Rican activism. In order to meet her destiny, Marisol must figure out where she fits in, and the place she wants in history. Written by creator by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, Illustrated by Will Rosado and Manuel Preitano, Colored by Christopher Sotomayor and Robert Snyder. Cover artwork by George Pérez, back cover artwork by Nicole Virella. 64 pages, perfect-bound paper back.

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