Justice League Movie Cyborg Dynamic Action Heroes AF

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A PREVIEWS Exclusive! The superhero blockbuster Justice League features Ray Fisher as Victor Stone the Cyborg. Originally a deadly injured athlete, Victor Stone was later integrated with Mother box in his father's laboratory and turned into a half-human half-machine cyber organism, and accepts Batman's invitation to join the Justice League. Following the great reception for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BVS), Beast Kingdom has released the Justice League series of characters from the latest DC comics: Cyborg, the cyber organism. Featuring delicate head sculpting, and its sleek multi-sided metal armor, this is a tech-savvy biochemical superhero with built-in LED glowing mechanism to show the red light effect from the armor, as featured in the movie. Its 20-plus maneuverable joints, replaceable palms, and cannon-fitted arms are to represent Cyborg's shape-shifting ready-for-war status in the story. Lastly, the figurine comes with special effect components to create the stockiness of Cyborg and the shock wave when he takes off.