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Is'nana The Were-Spider Vol 02 The Hornet's Web

Product Number: 9780997362817


Writer: Greg Anderson-Elysee

Artist: Walter Ostlie

Publisher: Webway Comics

After defeating Osebo the Leopard, Is'nana, the son of Anansi the Spider God of Stories, must now face Queen Mmboro, her daughter Princess Kantite, and their family of hornets, wasps, and bees who unite and seek to inject themselves into human beings and take over our reality. Unfortunately caught amongst the mayhem is the Baptiste family, Leland, Gina, and Jenka, who fight to survive and protect each other at all cost against Queen Mmboro's evil hive. Is'nana must not only test his physically limits but also deal with rising tensions with his father who sees fit to control and protect his every move.Also, Is'nana must travel to Haiti to retrieve the lost dog of Papa Legba, the Loa God of the Crossroads. But can Is'nana successfully match wits with the troublesome Ti-Malice, Uncle Bouki, and Compere Chat while also battling Jeremy Tableau, a trickster with his own ulterior motive?¿¿Featuring guest staring characters from books by their creators: Malice in Ovenland (Micheline Hess), DayBlack (Keep Cross), Princess Love Pos (Shauna J. Grant), Bärrdok the Wanderer (Mike Priebe), Bounce! (Chuck Collins), and Shiver Bureau (Walter Ostlie).

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